Chilliwack Slotcar Palace

The best location in Chilliwack for Slotcars, Board Games, Card Games, Lego, and so much more!
Located Downtown!

A small hobby store for enthusiasts of Slotcars, Card Games, Board Games, Lego, Miniatures, Table Top Games, Models, and everything in between!

Our Schedule:
Monday: Limited Attention Span (Card Games, Board games, Slotcars, whatever you want, just drop in and play!)
Tuesday: Junior Magic After School
Wednesday: Lego Club 3:30 - 4:30, $2 Drop-In
Thursday: Brik Wars; 3:00 PM, $2 Drop-In
Friday: Friday Night Magic 6PM - 10PM
Saturday: Pokemon Club 12 PM - 2PM for the kids. The rest of the day for anyone! Games Night at 6PM - 10PM.
Sunday: Game Day, can go past 5 PM.

We are officially Sanctioned by:
Wizards of the Coast, The Pokemon Company, Bushiroad, Fantasy Flight Games.
This means we get in Promos and official supplies for their products.

We have Monthly tournaments for Pokemon and Cardfight Vanguard.
Pre-Releases for Magic the Gathering and Cardfight Vanguard.

Local business in Chilliwack